Thursday, June 23, 2005

Hem - Shepherds Bush Empire

I said I'd blog again about Hem after seeing them in March at the Komedia. Last night at Shepherds Bush Empire they were great again - really good songs, great musicians. They didn't play my favourite song, but they did do a cover of Radiohead's 'Black Star' which was pretty cool. I don't know if Hem are big in the US, but no one seems to have heard of them much here, and they didn't sell out the venue, which is a shame given how good they are.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Taj Mahal - Brighton Dome

Taj Mahal
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Taj Mahal Trio and Idrissa Soumaoro at the Dome was pretty cool. Taj has some lovely guitars, and Soumaoro's band included someone playing what looked like an upturned pumpkin. Whatever it was, it sounded great. Thanks to Mark for the ticket.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Old Vic Theatre

The Old Vic
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Went to see The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic Theatre on Monday night. Kevin Spacey was very good, and it's a lovely theatre. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Anti-social hedges

Anti-social hedges
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It’s good to see that the new government has got its priorities right:

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister press release

Inconsiderate hedge owners to be cut down to size under new legislation

Homeowners will no longer need to suffer the misery caused by high hedges, under new Government legislation which comes into effect on Wednesday 1 June.

In the first instance, people must always try to resolve disputes amicably between themselves. In cases where an amicable resolution cannot be reached a complaint can be made to the local authority provided that:

- The hedge in question comprised wholly or predominantly of a line of two or more evergreen or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs;

- It was over 2 metres high;

- The hedge acted to some degree, as a barrier to light or access; and

- Because of its height, it was adversely affecting the complainant’s reasonable enjoyment of their domestic property (that is their home or garden).

Note that these powers come under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003...